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How to Make Your Own Phiten Triple Braid Necklace!
Phiten Triple Braid Necklace
Please read through the instructions before starting
Materials Needed for this example:
  • (1) 26" Black Phiten Necklace
  • (2) 22" Yellow Phiten Necklaces
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
Step 1.
Step 1 triple braid
Remove the plastic clasp and rubber slide pieces on both 22" necklaces by cutting the part of the necklace that is sewn together by holding your scissors parallel to the necklace. (Be careful not to cut the loop that holds the clasp off completely, because the necklace will be to short)
Step 2.
Step 2 triple braid
Now that you basically have Phiten rope, Sew the ends of the (2) 22" yellow necklaces together to make a giant loop necklace.
Step 3.
Step 3 triple braid
After you finish sewing the ends together, they should look similar to this.
Step 4.
Step 4 triple braid
Here is what your (2) 22" necklaces should look like once you have completed sewing the ends together.
Step 5.
Step 5 triple braid
Next take your 26" necklace and place it over one of the sewn together parts on your giant loop necklace.
Step 6.
Step 6 triple braid
Now you can braid the (3) necklaces together as shown in the picture.
Step 7.
Step 7 triple braid
Now your Phiten triple braid necklace is complete. If the necklace is too long, just adjust it by cutting the 26" necklace and then you can slide the loop down.